About the job

Role Requirements

Candidates must hold a current Diploma in Paramedical Science and be a Nationaly Registered Paramedic (HCPC, AHPRA, ANT, HPCSA, etc.), registered nurse, or doctor,
To have attended and passed an accredited CP course.
Possess a sound knowledge and relevant skill set regarding the planning and conducting of Close Protection operations in a high-risk environment
All CPP personnel must have served as a personal security detail or a close personal protection team for a min period of one year in a high-risk environment.
Should preferably be ex-military or an ex law enforcement police officer with excellent record of conduct
Must not have a criminal record and must not have been dishonorably discharged from any employment


Services The Contractor Can Expect To Carry Out, Would Include

Services provided by the Contractor shall be those typically expected for someone in the Position and include, but not be limited to the provision of armed mobile security and first line medical response services to ensure the safety and security of all GardaWorld client staff and other personnel who come under respective duty of care.

Providing advanced medical support for remote locations and regional tasks in high risk environments
Providing direct support to and deploying with Close Protection teams in the field as required and as directed
Providing high risk medical mission planning
Medical facility assessments and report writing
Assisting Registered Nurse with day to day clinical duties as required and as directed

Job Overview
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