Male Close Protection Operative – Panama

Employer: Nemesis Protection
Location: Panama with frequent international travel

Position to start: August/September 2020
Type of engagement: Permanent contract
Working hours: Full-time
Salary: Negotiable

Job Purpose: 
Our UHNW client is looking for a female close protection operative responsible for the client’s personal security and safety of his assets in Panama and on international travel (Europe and Africa – in particular, Nigeria, South Sudan, and DR Congo);
You will be part of a security detail consisting of both male and female operatives;
This is a permanent full-time position to be started in late August or early September;
The Principal is the CEO of an international company and his assets include well-being, business, property, family, information, and reputation, among other things.

Duties And Responsibilities: 
Ensure the Principal’s safety and maintain a secure environment for the Principal and his assets while he is static and moving on foot/vehicle, staying at the residence, office, events, on domestic and international travel, business trips, and vacations, etc.;
Provide the required level of protection in line with a situation and environment (e.g., covert/overt protection, armed/unarmed security);
Identify, assess, and mitigate all threats (real/perceived and existing/emerging) appropriately;
Respond to all incidents and emergencies timely and effectively;
Resolve all conflicts (external and internal) while providing protection;
Conduct reconnaissance (route and venue);
Perform routine checks and search procedures (vehicle, route, venues);
Apply surveillance countermeasures (anti-surveillance, counter-surveillance, and technical surveillance counter-measures);
Conduct threat intelligence using all-source intelligence to gather intel about emerging and existing threats to the Principal and his assets;
Liaison with other team members, client’s employees, and others;
Perform other duties directed by a team leader and Principal;
You will be required to work weekends, late hours, and holidays.


Have relevant work experience (Executive Protection or PSD protection);
Ability to stay calm in a crisis and extract/evacuate the Principal timely, effectively, and rapidly;
Ability to provide all aspects of close protection professionally;
Ability to work long hours, under pressure, indoor, and outdoor;
Ability to follow orders;
In possession of hard skills (unarmed combat, tactical weapons handling, evasive driving, anti-kidnapping, hostile environment awareness, etc.)
In possession of soft skills (surveillance, all-source intelligence gathering, protective intelligence, communication, and computer literacy, etc.)
Fluent in English, any other language is highly welcomed (especially, Spanish).

Must have military/police background;
In possession of relevant qualifications (e.g., Close Protection, Weapons Handling, Surveillance, Evasive Driving, Emergency First Aid).

Must be in a good physical, mental, and medical condition;
Should possess personal traits such as mental robustness, integrity, reliability, loyalty, common sense, good attention to detail, self-confidence, nice manners, moral and ethics, and people skills;
Must have a driver’s license, valid passport, clean criminal, and medical record;
Preferably have relevant vaccinations/immunizations (e.g., yellow fever).

The salary range is negotiable and discussed during the interview, however, the minimum salary is $48,000.00 a year;
Accommodation, food, flights, visas, and all relevant costs are covered by the client;
The offer includes health insurance, gym, internet, relocation allowance, and a private trust for the retirement payoff.

How To Apply: 
If you believe that you are the right fit for the position and meet all the requirements, please send your CV in PDF, using the reference number MCPP30620, including your headshot photo.

NOTE: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Job Overview
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