Maritime Security Training Consultants, English Spanish Speakers
Employer: PVI-Chartsec Services Ltd
Location: Africa (exact location confirmed upon successful application and acceptance )
Sector: Oil /Gas
Job Details:

Deployment time frame 2nd Week July to st week Aug, depending completion of full mobilisation

Seeking Ex US-SF individuals with valid Maritime Experience. MUST be fluent English/Spanish Speakers and hold training qualifications (x10 years services) tactical training

contract daily rate is now confirmed as being £300 GBP, based on rolling 3×30 day contract, total number of days initially is x90 days, with a view to possible extensions due to delays with regards to technical reasons and bad weather.

Any subsequent extension will have the same applied day rate.

·Initial x14 day quarantine and isolation is mandatory upon arrival in country. The subsequent day rate for this period will be (75%) of the above day rate above.

·Food, accommodation and flights provided, to include insurances and medical cover while in country, repatriation to home of residence is provided due to illness.

·The client is a major oil/gas entity.

· Total number of trainers required would be between 4-6 individuals who all must be fluent Spanish speakers. Same number of reserves individuals on file to be later deployed tbc

· Deployment dates have slipped back to mid July possibly early Aug.

· The maritime training programme information will be provided by the security company. Specific details concerning the training material, block syllabus and detailed syllabus, power points etc to support the project will be supplied upon acceptance. The training role will be initially assigned to land based facilities and classrooms for completion of the programme, with a hand on mentoring advisory approach offshore to the projects completion date.

· The training is directed towards the local maritime police authorities, and government agencies in direct support of the oil/gas client-project.

· Geographical location will be confirmed upon final accepted of desired candidates.

· Further information concerning the individual’s qualifications will be posted in due course. This will include specific oil/gas regulatory health and safety training, to include sea survival.

Job Overview
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