Sarah Halkon

Sports Massages Therapist & Door Supervisor



I have just finished my Close Protection Course with Horizon in Bulgaria. I am looking to start in Executive Close Protection, although I am not ex millitary I would also value the opportunity to go hostile. I am currently awaiting my certificate in order to apply for my Close Protection Licence. I hold my SIA Door Supervisor licence and work for a busy bar and club in Hull. I have had to cover the Head Door Supervisor position a number of times and been responsible for the security & smooth running of the venue. I have strong conflict management skills, and I am a very assertive individual with strong communication skills. No two nights are the same on the door, therefore it is important to be ready for anything. I have 7 years experience as a successful Personal Trainer & 3 years as a Sports Massage Therapist. Over these years I have developed very strong 'people skills.' I understand how importnt first impressions are and how essential strong communication skills are to build a rapport with people and carry out tasks efficiently. I have competed in bodybuilding for 5 years, entering 15 shows and placing top 3 in all but 1. Nabba Trained Figure Miss Britain 2017, 3rd place Nabba Universe (international) 2016. Represented GB and Yorkshire & Humberside in Judo. I


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