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Gibbsec is a security based company that is able to provide trained and licensed staff to various businesses across Northern Ireland. We offer Door supervisors. CCTV. Alarms. Static guard. Close Protection. Guidance, advise and checklist on Risk assessments prior to re-opening relating to COVID-19. The company was established over the 5 years and we are SIA licenced. We proved a service for local business from door supervisors to security to private events. 1. All our efforts are continuously working to a high level and a well-established process. We identify what each individual desires not just within the course; but after to assists them with gaining the knowledge in the field they are considering to work in. 2. We work at a long-term relationship with every client and tailor everyone’s needs to achieve the best outcome for each party. 3. We work harder and more friendly then our counter parts, and we strive in innovation the company as we are going forwards. We have an exceptionally good reputation and consistency with a friendly approach, whilst building a rapport with clients. 4. We constantly look at our prices, to give a value for money whilst coming up with even better terms, on an ongoing basis in order to continue to attract new and existing customers. We also make sure we offer several other benefits to your customers beyond price.


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I'm busy working on this section. Please bear with me.

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