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International Specialist Security providing Executive Personal Protection / TSCM/Bug Sweeps / OSINT / Pen Testing / Investigations & Surveillance

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Pinnacle Risk Consultancy was founded and is led by Tracy Webster. A former Royal Military Police officer with experience in SIB (Specialist Investigation Branch) she has spent years in the specialist security industry, developing a thorough understanding of close protection, pen testing, TSCM/Bug sweeps, surveillance techniques and undercover deployments. She underpins these skills with the importance of performing within the legal parameters associated with these types of operations. Director Tracy divides her time by driving the development of the business forward and also passionately operates as a ‘live’ close protection officer working on the ground individually and alongside her teams. She believes this ‘hands on’ approach maintains her skill set and therefore has a realistic understanding of the operational requirements desired by an assortment of clients. Since creating her company Tracy is very aware that there is now more than ever before a demand for female operators, perhaps because professional women and ultra-high net worth individuals are now thankfully equalling what was once a very male dominated society. A key to this provision of women serving as bodyguards is that all of whom they deploy are either former military/police and have total awareness and the ability to adapt to any cultural environment seamlessly, utilising when appropriate soft skills and emotional intelligence, always present however fully capable of blending and being unimposing. Her management experience has been built up over years working for a corporate company, co-ordinating contracts outside the UK. This strengthened her ability to control and manage a significant amount of highly sensitive/confidential security projects for a cross section of clientele. One of her key skills is monitoring staff welfare in order to maximise work performance.


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Current Position

Pinnacle Risk Consultancy
August 2016 - Present (5 years & 9 months)
Executive Protection/Bodyguard/TSCM/Bug Sweeps/OSINT/Pen Testing/Investigations & Surveillance


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