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Chief Executive Officer

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BIO Company Director and CEO with a proven track record of safeguarding VIP Clients, client’s property and assets including and against acts of theft, fire, flood and vandalism. Able offer and uphold good order on sites and assignments whilst working within the clients and/or companies’ procedural guidelines. Our company ensures a high quality of service which is consistently maintained and optimised for total efficiency. ATTRIBUTES Aware of arrest and restraint techniques. Competent in dealing with Health and Safety issues. Dealing with people politely but in an authoritative and positive manner. Monitoring information feeds simultaneously from multiple sources. Having a professional approach with complicated and routine tasks. Focused on the delivery of Clients & Customers personal and property safeguarding. Effective Communication at all levels. Experience of working with VIP’s on key accounts and major events.


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Current Position

Close Protection Officers Available to include
Creative Protection Services Limited
April 2016 - Present (6 years & 2 months)
CLOSE PROTECTION BODYGUARD SERVICES Hire the best in Close protection officers (CPOs), typically, keeping clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. Discretion & Confidentiality: Our team will be responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance and protecting clients from threats and physical violence. Duties can include: ● The checking out of the premises, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs & theatres before the client arrives ● Installing surveillance equipment ● Survey the layout of new venues, highlighting potential hazards, exposure and/or risks. ● Accompanying clients and friends on business and social trips. ● Driving clients and their colleagues to and from meetings, events & special venues. Our clients may require additional protection where dangers such as kidnapping may be attempted and where clients are continually in the spotlight including: ● Royal families. ● Foreign dignitaries. ● Diplomats and politicians. ● High-profile businesspeople operating in hostile places. ● Legal professionals, such as barristers & Lawyers. ● Sports, music, film and TV celebrities, and their families. Specialist duties for our CPO’s may include residential security, ensuring our client's premises are safe and secure. We also offer chauffeurs, specialising in defensive and evasive driving when required. ● SECURE PROTECTION VIP security specialist offering unique protection for: celebrities, executives, athletes including anyone who is in the spotlight and concerned about their security & safety. ● BODYGUARDING SOLUTIONS We offer a comprehensive VIP solution and far more than just a bodyguarding service. ● VIP PROTECTION By hiring our team, you will receive our fully trained, fully insured operatives qualified in all areas of VIP protection. One you can trust and rely on ● PROTECTION & SURVEILLANCE Our executive security assignment encompassing, advanced planning, security surveillance and in some cases coordination with local authorities is second to none.


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