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Membership to the BBA gives you access to a huge range of career enhancing benefits.
Each tier is tailored to reflect different stages of your career progression.
Choose the tier that best suits your needs.

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Taking your first steps

Network with seasoned professionals, get career advice and job vacancies

Our base level membership is suited for security professionals looking for job opportunities and contacts.

Silver membership has extra options for those who want to present themselves in a more professional and effective manner.

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Level up your career progression

Get professional resources, downloads, and development tools

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For those who go further

Get the full power of the BBA behind you. Unlock access to all our professional tools and resources

Our highest level of membership is for professionals who commit to development and aspire to growth

Corporate Membership is for business owners who want to raise the profile of their company, product or service, or recruit from the industries top professionals.

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Enhance your profile & Expand your reach

Whether you’re looking for exposure, recruitment or advertising, we can help

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See why thousands of other professional operators have chosen BBA membership

Our members get the best possible resources and tools to reinforce their position on the team and within the industry.

Membership to the BBA gives you access to a huge range of career enhancing benefits.

Bba Member Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

How you start matters, the foundation and footing you start off on will make a difference straight out of the gate. Probably more than any other time in your career. So set yourself up for professional success by positioning yourself properly right from the start.
We get it. It’s a tough, cut-throat industry. And sometimes the competition out there is brutal, especially when you’re first starting out. You don’t know who to trust or what source of career information or intelligence is reliable. That’s why we created the Association. It’s the place you turn to for reliable answers, real-world support, and in-network recommendations and referrals for all those nagging career questions.

We get asked this a lot. And the answer we give is always the same: yes, 100%. You can absolutely you can make it in protection without a military or police background. We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and we’ve seen operators from all walks of life, including those with zero military or police training. 

We are the British Bodyguard Association because it is where we got our start. But we have grown to be a well-recognized and respected global professional association. Our members span the entire world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and bring with them a wealth of collective knowledge and experience. But no matter where in the world you operate, membership in the BBA means you stand for quality, integrity, professionalism.
BBA members are career CPOs who are dedicated to their craft. It is for those operators who are seriously committed and passionate about security as a profession. They give 110% to stay at the leading edge of their profession and attend conferences, events, and trainings. They network with other professionals and read up on the latest industry news and information because they know that in security, what you don’t know can hurt you.
You tell us. How much do you want to commit to being recognised and respected as a professional, best-in-class CPO? It’s true that the reputation and standards that the BBA upholds speaks to a certain class of operator. And while we can tell you about all the great benefits of being a part of a recognised and respected body until we’re blue in the face, but ultimately the decision of whether you take yourself and your choice of career and profession as seriously as we do is completely yours.

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