BBA silver

Silver membership will enable protection specialists looking to move to the next level in their career progression.

Bba Silver Membership
Silver is for 
Professional Presentation

Extra options for those who want to present themselves in a professional and effective manner.

Only £119.99 a year

Get access to more of our specialist tools and resources.

And receive support and guidance from the BBA and industry professionals.

In addition to all the benefits of Bronze membership, you’ll get access to our resources and development tools. You’ll also receive support and guidance from the association and our partners.

What's Included

Here is a brief look at the benefits you’ll receive when you join the BBA as a Silver member.

Member Pack


Membership Card & Certificate


Silver Member Lapel Badge


25 x BBA Branded Business cards

Silver Membership Benefits

Additional Benefits

Industry Resources

Our industry resource packs will give you a head start and provide you with best practice templates.
Silver membership includes the following packs:
Bba Cpo Toolkit
*Included with Silver
Career Help
*Included with Silver
Security Surveys Copy
*Included with Silver
Team Leader Resources
Business Templates
"Joining the BBA, in my view, is a very wise and good choice. You can use LinkedIn and Facebook and other social networking sites to promote yourself, the same as you can jump out of a plane with an umbrella instead of a parachute. It's just not smart!"
Marc G
Security Professional - BBA Member

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