Career Success in Large Organizations | Chaim Roberts

How can you scale yourself from an ‘army of one’? What does the corporate security world have to teach solo operators about being in more places at once?

We are pleased to welcome Chaim Roberts, founder of Roberts Risk Solutions to help us understand that large organizations have more challenges than the initial corporate culture adaptation we might expect. They often have a much larger physical footprint than EP colleagues might be used to in a UHNW or private environment and many of the skills developed to survive and thrive in such an ecosystem translate very well to the wider protector space not least when developing a business.

On today’s episode, we’re going to take a deep dive into working in one of the most high profile large sites in the world, the New York World Trade Centre. We’ll also be asking…

  • To what extent do we need to replicate ourselves when leading security in large organizations and facilities?
  • How can corporate protectors succeed without a ‘traditional’ military or police background?
  • Do staff actually require more motivation when spread out in a large corporate environment?
  • How can you blend your security operations into the environment seamlessly?
  • Is the SOC the glue that can hold together large operations in buildings with a large footprint?
  • How can you balance protection with being open and inviting as an attraction?

More about Chaim:

Chaim Roberts is the founder of Roberts Risk Solutions as well as the Supervising Security Coordinator for the World Trade Center Security Department for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He has over 16 years of security, operations, and risk management experience and is passionate about developing enterprise-level critical infrastructure security programs. He has deep expertise across the entire lifecycle of security management including performing risk assessments, implementing remediation plans, deploying technology solutions, developing staffing strategy and budgets, and creating efficient and robust operating procedures to operate at scale. He is a thought-leader in security management and has performed industry research, is a published writer, and has lectured at John Jay College (City University of New York) in New York City. Chaim holds a Master of Science in Protection Management from John Jay College and a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University.




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