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Grey Professionals in EP | Live Round Table at Samaritan Protective Services

Does being ‘Grey’ mean you keep your opinions to yourself until someone is in danger? Does being ‘Grey’ mean not compromising OpSec at all times? What about keeping the Principal ‘Grey’? We took the ‘Grey Professional’ in some fascinating directions at an in-person round table discussion in Virginia hosted by Samaritan Protective Services ahead of the Physical Cyber Convergence Forum where we specifically recorded our discussion and findings for you, the community.

This is a different format to our usual podcast but the thematic style remains the same but with some amazing round table participants:

About the Round Table Participants

Our Host – Samaritan Protective Services

Brandon Shafikhani

Andrew Bellman

Mike Pheobus

Kris Coleman

Steve Hernandez

Nathan Ackerman

Lauren Wygant

Joe Autera

Kevin Dye

Dr Treston Wheat

Robert Rawson

Chuck Randolph

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