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Does the EP industry need more regulation or less regulation? Today we are directing our focus on the current state of regulation in the CP/EP industry. We’re going to be looking at licensing, how it’s been implemented in the UK by the SIA, whether it’s working and where further improvements are required.

This is a big subject, a hot topic and a fantastic deep dive interview with one of the most passionate voices on the subject. Today, we welcome Richard Aitch, industry author and CEO of Mobius International to help us unpack this fiercely debated topic.

Quite simply, the regulation that’s in place, doesn’t raise standards to the level at which most professionals in the industry would like them to be. As an industry, where do we go from here?

In this week’s podcast, we’ll be discussing…

  • Regulation and Licensing: What is wrong with the current Landscape. What problems need solving?
  • Regulation in the UK: What’s been positive? What has the SIA got right? Are they doing anything right?
  • Licensing in the US: Is the UK system a baseline model for the US and the rest of the world? What can the US learn from mistakes across the pond?
  • Operational parameters: Should a governing body set minimum requirements in place such as age, experience or standard of training.
  • Business Licensing: Would the mooted regulation of security businesses be a realistic route to raising standards? Is it even feasible?

More about Richard:

Richard is the Director of Operations of Mobius International Ltd, which has extensive experience in high-risk operational appointments worldwide. Richard has experience managing and leading Close Protection, Protective Surveillance, Surveillance and Counter Surveillance operations continuously throughout 25 years in over 60 countries across 6 continents at the highest levels of corporate protective security provision.

Richard is also the author of the industry’s international best seller; ‘Close Protection – A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation’ – ‘Protection Operations Tactical Doctrine for the Commercial Environment’.


Mobius International

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