Managing Violence and the Art of Deescalation | Joe Saunders

Managing workplace violence as an executive security professional might seem really intuitive. But today’s guest Joe Saunders, the host of the Managing Violence podcast, as well as a Director for SRM in Australia, is going to give us a real hard look at how managing workplace violence and de-escalation is fundamental to what we do as protectors.

Tune in to this lively conversation to hear us chat with Joe about: 

  • The surprising place where workplace violence might rear its head (hint: it’s where you would least expect it to be). 
  • Learn the 9-step process for proactively preparing for and dealing with occupational violence. 
  • How verbal judo is a handy skill when dealing with that difficult family member of the protectee or when we are dealing with an enraged or a frustrated employee.
  • The two triggers of aggression and what to do in a situation where somebody becomes agitated to quickly to change the balance back to neutral?
  • Sometimes EPs can be the handbrakes to happiness. How the tool of “assertive courtesy” will help you show respect while still maintaining boundaries.
  • For EPs looking to shortcut the process of learning new skills and gain that experience in the shortest amount of time possible – hear Joe’s surprising, off-the-wall suggestions for anyone who’s looking to improve that de-escalation skills!

Joe also cuts through a common myth and reminds of what most good protectors know to be true: 

“In close protection, if the job gets exciting, you definitely screwed it up. The job should be as boring and monotonous as possible. That means you did well.”


Listen in to this week’s powerful episode. It packs a punch! (pun intended.)

More about Joe Saunders:

The Managing Violence Podcast was launched in 2018 by violence management specialist and lifelong martial artist, Joe Saunders. Having dedicated his working life to protecting the vulnerable and educating the world about the realities of violence, Joe established the Managing Violence Podcast as the preeminent destination for interviews with true global thought leaders in self-protection – from the hard skills to the soft skills and everything in between.  

Joe Saunders started training martial arts at the age of four, created a “Playground Police” force to protect bullied kids at the age of six, and has been fascinated with violence management and protection ever since. As an undergraduate psychology student in Brisbane, Australia, Joe took a part-time job bouncing in local nightclubs. This exposure to real-world violence fanned the flames of his desire to protect and led him into roles including executive protection, armed protection, hospital security and senior violence management education roles. 

Today, Joe works for one of Australia’s leading risk management consultancies, Risk 2 Solution. He is the State Manager for Victoria and Tasmania as well as the National Practise Lead for Occupational Violence and Aggression. He consults Federal and State government clients, as well as private enterprise on a full-time basis. 

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