Operational Success on Your Next Nordics Mission | Claus Pichner

After famous examples of EP professionals being arrested in the Nordics whilst on a detail with a music tour you might ask what to look out for whilst operating in Sweden, Denmark and Norway – which make up most of ‘the Nordics’.

We are delighted to interview longstanding BBA and NABA friend of the industry Claus Pichner on his long career, lessons for current operators and specific advice about working in the region including:

  • How to select a local partner in the Nordics and where to look at who is and who is not licensed?
  • What role do armed private security play in some parts of the Nordics and what will that mean for your operations?
  • What growth areas are being seen in the Nordics and what should new operators to the region look for?
  • What drew you to being such an active participant in the BBA and NABA?

About Claus:

A heavy experienced grey wolf in the industry. Director of operations for Alfa-Protector Executive Security in Denmark. Claus has 36 years extensive career experience within protection of assets and people, armed forces and law enforcement. He started up in the industry as MP K9 Handler and from that point in his early 20s until now he has worked and educated himself in almost every aspect of the Security Industry and has teamed up with Industry legends as Christian West, Thomas Hald, Jan Thomsen among others. Claus has worked on 3 continents and joined protective detail deployments in Europe, the Nordics and 7 years in Asia mainly in the Philippines.

Claus has had a short but well earned step back from the EP/CP Industry for a couple of years- but in his words “it is a virus in your blood, that you Can not get cured from” so Claus has returned to work in the EP field.

He sometimes puts all his effort and knowledge into consulting, CP/EP Work, individual tailored Close Protection courses, being a tactical shooting Instructor, team evaluator and everywhere in between.

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