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Technical Threats in Executive Protection – Someone Else’s Responsibility or Time to Up-Skill? | Christian West

As a protection specialist, do you need to understand the technical threat posed to your client of an increasingly connected world? Does this fall within your lane or is it someone else’s responsibility? 

Whether it’s on you or someone else on the team, some responsibility still rests on your shoulders because you need to be able to identify the threat so that you can be part of the conversation to communicate how to mitigate or eliminate it. 

This week we’re joined by Christian West to join the debate on this emerging area of challenge and opportunity for EPs. We’ll discuss whether this is a skill that should be outsourced to an in-house expert or whether EPs need to upskill their technical ability? We’ll also be looking at the tech inside the principal’s home along with stationary threats as well. We’ll be covering:

·      What do the uninitiated need to know about the T-EPO role and how can we work smarter?

  •      How do we overcome the inherent resistance to technology and ensure that we bring the rest of the industry along on the ride?
  •     What threat vectors have emerged with UHNW’s working from home and how can tech help to overcome that?
  •      Given the speed of development in the tech sector, where are we going to be in 5 years’ time and how can we prepare?

“We can’t stop development. So, let’s figure out a way of working with it.”

More about Christian West:

Christian West has developed and managed protection programs in more than 130 countries for high net-worth and Fortune 500 clients and has also directed security efforts for world tours for major artists and the world’s largest IPO.

In addition to his ongoing efforts to professionalize the executive protection industry through leadership roles in ASIS and the IPSB, Christian is a sought-after executive protection trainer and security advisor in Europe and the United States. An active blogger who has written dozens of blogs on executive protection, he is also the co-author of two Amazon best-selling books on executive protection: Corporate Executive Protection: An Introduction for Corporations And Security Professionals and Public figures, Private Lives: An Introduction to Protective Security for High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices 

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