The Future of Tactical Communications | Andy Clark

Tactical Communications is arguably one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated disciplines in modern executive protection. There’s little coverage of it in an operator’s initial training and it does not fare much better from there.

This week we have life-long communications specialist, Andy Clark, of G6 Global, on the show to readdress the balance and state the case for why comms should have more emphasis placed on it.

In this episode, the team will be discussing:

  • What are we overlooking as CPOs when it comes to comms?
  • Which is better– covert comms or hiding in plain sight?
  • What is the future of comms in executive protection?
  • Should we be appointing military-style Comms Officers to our teams?
  • Is the conventional 2-way radio dead or does it still have something to offer?

Andy Clark is the Managing Director of G6 Global Communications and has provided radio communications to individuals and organisations for his entire professional career, spanning over 35 years. G6 Global exists to create the best communications system for your operational needs.

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Andy Clark

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