Protected mobility is a crucial yet varied topic that will throw you some curve balls, whatever the stage you’re at in your EP career.

Hear from industry experts as we dive deep into this specialist area of protection.

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01. Effective Manoeuvres for Today’s Operator

For the first session of the day we kick things off with Joe Autera, one of the top experts in the field of security driving and protected mobility.

In this uniquely formatted presentation, Joe joins us live from ‘Karjackistan’ and talks us through effective manoeuvres and handling techniques while coordinating live vehicle demonstrations on the test track.


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02. Development & Selection for Operators

In Session 2 we host a live panel discussion between 3 experienced industry experts.

The panel unpack the topic of learning and development for operators looking to improve their security driving skills.


Expert Speaker - Neil Davis Obe
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03. Security and Advanced Armoured Vehicle Driving

In session 3 we hear the remarkable story behind Glen Edmunds’ journey from racing car driver to setting up his advanced driving school.

Motivated by those past experiences, Glen has established his company as one of the top driving schools in Africa, and indeed the world.


Expert Speaker - Glen Edmunds
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04. Public and Private Sector Protected Mobility

In this session, Thomas Bello shares his reflections from an illustrious career, drawing on his experiences working in the US Secret Service to Exxon Mobil. We’ll hear what are the major differences between public and private sector protected mobility.


Expert Speaker - Thomas Bello
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05. A Career in Security Driving

For the final session we speak to Pierre Germain who has forged a successful career as a Chauffeur and Security Driver.

Pierre shares insights from his career, lessons learned and tips for both aspiring security drivers and close protection operatives.


Expert Speaker - Pierre Germain
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