Tomorrow’s Body Armour for Today’s Protector | Colin MacKinnon

If they asked you, would you stab your boss? Even if you were confident they were wearing the latest in body armour and it was just a demonstration? Today’s podcast guest Colin MacKinnon has demonstrated the benefit of effective body armour on several occasions and we are delighted to explore this evolving topic including: Why […]

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Grey Professionals in EP | Live Round Table at Samaritan Protective Services

Does being ‘Grey’ mean you keep your opinions to yourself until someone is in danger? Does being ‘Grey’ mean not compromising OpSec at all times? What about keeping the Principal ‘Grey’? We took the ‘Grey Professional’ in some fascinating directions at an in-person round table discussion in Virginia hosted by Samaritan Protective Services ahead of […]

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Success in the EP Entourage | Frank Cannon

Where does the EP entourage stop? The family office? A K9 Asset? If the edge cannot be concretely defined is everyone a potential partner? This week we are delighted to welcome a great friend of the Podcast and Magazine Frank Cannon, Founder, Cannon Asset Protection with experience both in EP and security consulting to help […]

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Success in EP as a Grey Professional | Jared van Driessche

Do you have a real challenge being a ‘Grey Professional’ or actually becoming a ‘Social Chameleon’? We are delighted to welcome Jared van Driessche, Director of Security and EP Professional to the podcast to help us ask: Are we encouraged to be a ‘grey person’ because it is very difficult to teach new operators social […]

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Creating the Unified Protector | Bruce McIndoe

Should we remove the term ‘Security’ from our organizational language? Does it mean too many different things to different people? We are delighted to welcome Bruce McIndoe, Founder of World Aware to the podcast this week to look at the possible creation of a unified protector who is a risk manager first and foremost but […]

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[Short Circuit] Predator Vs Prey Mindset | JT Brown

He’s a close protection professional who specializes in working with public figures and operating in challenging and non-permissive environments. On today’s show, Elijah Shaw sits down with JT Brown to talk about mindset and training. What type of mentality is required to work with a client that is operating in unstable and insecure environments? What […]

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[Short Circuit] Problem Solving for Protectors | Vantrell Wilson

Pulling off a ‘minor miracle’ is a double edged sword… you solved your Principal’s problem but now they will expect a miracle every day… On today’s Short Circuit Podcast Elijah Shaw is pleased to welcome Vantrell Wilson, Supervisor at ICON Global to uncover the secrets to effective problem solving for protectors including: Should the protector […]

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Uncovering Synergies between Guarding and EP | Tim Keller

Guarding whether manned or mobile is the starting pathway many pursue in the security sector so is it time to shine a positive light on skillsets developed that might be transferable to other sectors like EP? This week we are very pleased to welcome Tim Keller, recently departed SVP for North America at Securitas to […]

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