Protecting the Protector | Thomas Pecora

Don’t get yourself electrocuted whilst trying to save someone already in that situation! Today’s protector must remember that they are themselves a target and aside from increasing their ability to respond with force, being able to blend in and avoid becoming a target can protect the protector. We are delighted to welcome back Thomas Pecora […]

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Professionalizing Risk Management | Dr David Rubens

If risk management underpins everything we do in the security industry, why is the delivery of high level training so underserved? And why are the requisite skills not valued more by all practitioners? We’re joined by Dr David Rubens, founder and executive director of the ISRM (Institute of Strategic Risk Management), as well as MD […]

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Covert Operations – Hiding Your Purpose | Ivor Terret

Covert protection is not hiding your presence from the principal. It’s hiding your purpose from the environment. In this episode we’re going to bring together two separate and distinct topics, covert protection operations and methodologies for learning the craft. Why? Because we’re joined by a guest who is at the forefront of both these subjects. […]

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Fitness & Operational Readiness | Mick Coup

When it comes to assessing your level of fitness, what benchmarks are you using? As protectors, where the expectations upon us can vary to such an extent, how do we know if we’re fit for purpose? Are we measuring by past experience or worst case scenario? It’s also important to know the limitations on your […]

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